After a wonderful camping season it is very important that you correctly prepare your trailer for winter storage. Here’s what we recommend:

Protect Plumbing System

  1. Switch the hot water tank bypass valve(s) to the bypass tank position
  2. Disconnect the suction line on the 12 volt water pump from the fresh water tank
  3. Install “winterizing service line” onto pump
  4. Install other end to a jug of RV antifreeze
  5. Pour a cup full of anti-freeze down each sink as extra protection for the “P-traps”
  6. Turn off the water pump
  7. Reconnect the suction line to the fresh water tank
  8. Open drains to all fresh water tanks and drain the hot water tank
  9. Locate a sewage drain station in your area. Thoroughly flush and drain the grey and black water tanks


  • Some campers come equipped with a service line pre-plumbed so disconnecting from fresh water tank in would not be required
  • Do not forget the toilet(s) and/or outdoor shower(s)
  • Do NOT turn on the water pump again in case there is still water in the tank as you will need to start over
  • It is important that the water systems be drained AFTER antifreeze has been circulated because some hot water tank by-pass valves require liquid in the tank in-order to by-pass hot water tank correctly



  • Turn off propane tanks
  • Remove battery and store indoors above 0 degrees

Pest Control

  • Inspect trailer for any small openings where rodents and other pests could possibly enter your camper
  • Seal it up
  • Do not keep any food or liquids which might freeze in trailer over the winter

Inspect Your Exterior Seams and Seals

  • Inspect the roof, windows, doors and corner seams and seals for potential water leaks
  • Cover A/C unit. (This is especially recommended if you plan to store outdoors)


With these simple things done you are ready for winter storage!

If you would like to have us perform these services contact our service department by clicking here